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postheadericon Tuna/Salmon Salad Sandwich

Tuna/salmon sandwich
Tuna/Salmon Sandwich

What you need:



Knife or spatula


Cooked/canned Tuna or Salmon (depending on how many you want to feed.  1 small can = 2+ sandwiches)

Mayonnaise (homemade recipe here or Miracle Whip

Green onion (depending on how many you want to fee.  2 stalks green onion = 2 sandwiches)

Celery (optional)

Pinch of Salt for adding to tuna/salmon mixture (Omit if on sodium restricted diet.)

Pinch Pepper


Butter or Margarine (optional)

Optional toppings:  Tomato/Lettuce/Bean Sprouts etc.

How to make it:

  • Mash up your canned/cooked tuna/salmon in a bowl
  • Cut up your green onion and celery (optional) into small pieces.
  • Add cooked/canned tuna/salmon in bowl with green onion and celery and mix.
  • Add your mayonnaise, salt and pepper chicken mixture and mix together until the mayonnaise, vegetables and seasonings are mashed together.
  • Put your bread on plate and add butter or margarine, if preferred.
  • Scoop a generous amount of the tuna/salmon salad mixture onto your bread and put together.
  • Enjoy!  Yes you did it!  Now go brag about it to all your friends.
Sodium restricted diets:  Use less salt

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