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Banana’s, to eat or not to eat that is the question

(Note:  I am not a health professional and cannot give medical advice but I can research what works and share it with you.  Please talk to your health care professional if you have any questions or concerns about your health.)

If you’re like a lot of people, you are trying to get on the healthy food train and cut out the processed and sugary foods which tend to cause health problems.  One thing I consider when eating is what effect the food has on my body.  Simple foods like banana’s can have no problems for one person and in someone like me, they have the opposite effect.  So let’s learn about banana’s shall we? lol

Sometimes banana’s can cause your belly to bloat and your poop to closely to resemble that of a rabbit.  And here you thought those little easter eggs were eggs!  Nah just kidding they are!

Okay so why the heck do they cause constipation in some people and not in others?

The answer lies, partially, with their color believe it or not.  If you eat a banana before it is ready, you know that greeny colour, you aren’t eating ripe fruit but are eating it when it has a ton of starch in it.  The starch is what is believed to be the cause of bloating and constipation after eating one or several in a day.  The chart below shows when you should eat a banana.

Do bananas cause constipation?

Banana’s also have big fiber muscles when it comes to food.  One medium size banana may have as much as 3% of fiber which is only 10% of the maximum daily recommended amount of fiber, but the fiber content is a lot higher than many foods.

Drink that water, silly!

How many times have you heard, drink that water!  Well if you like to eat banana’s but don’t like the side effects, drink, drink, drink and then drink some more.  Think of how cement is made.  If you mix a little water to it, it can be a majorly strong compound but if you add a lot of water to it, it just becomes a thin soup of goop.  When you don’t drink enough water, the banana’s will work against you and harden your poop to block your intestines and make you have pellets instead of well formed poo.

I don’t want to give up eating banana’s so what can I do?

Here is what to do if you love banana’s and have hard poo…gee that’s kind of poetic in a “crap” sort of way.  Okay I couldn’t help myself.

Eat ripe banana’s and drink lots of water.  Simple right?  It is.  If you eat them at the right time, you will have dippity dog doo, normal kind of poo.  Okay I did it again sorry.

Okay I’m swimming in water but still having pellet poo, so what else could it be?

You might have heard of something called pectin, it’s what your mom or grandmom used to make those awesome jams and jellies.  Banana’s have a big amount of pectin which helps to pull out the water you are drinking and giving you those rock hard poops you probably know and hate.  That is crappy when that happens isn’t it!

Hmmmm that’s interesting.  What if the only healthy thing I eat are banana’s, that can’t be bad can it?

If you enjoy dining with Ronald McDonald, Sonic the Hedgehog, the Burger King or even that cute little Wendy’s, you may not be eating enough wholesome foods like fiber and may be even eating too much of the scrumptuous tasting food which is ooooh so bad for you.   Burger, fries and pop?  Heart attack in a bag to go please.  You may also be eating too many factory foods like those yummy Twinkies or Dad’s cookies.

Eating bananas that are almost ripe (see the 4th banana) can cause constipation as they contain a lot of starch.
Eating banana’s from #5 on is a ton healthier for you and your poo!  Number 7 is sublime!

Source: Google Images

If you drink a ton of water, you should be able to eat three banana’s in the morning before work or school.  Some people can eat way more than three and still not have a problem.  Every body is different so do what’s best for you.

If you do everything and still find yourself having a belly full of lead from eating those banana’s, then don’t eat them.  Pretty easy.

Bake them, freeze them or eat them…banana’s are versatile.

Happy pooping and remember to talk to your health professional if things are not working in your body or you have any questions.

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