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postheadericon Welcome to our site!

Hey if I can cook, so can you buddy!

Hey if I can cook, so can you buddy!

Welcome to our home and we invite you to come and cook with us some very simple, easy meals right along with us on video step by step.  The cool thing is that the cooks you will see here are just like you and I.  Just regular Joe’s trying to eat somewhat healthy and by cooking some great simple easy meals.

Whether you can cook like a famous chef or you have problems deciding when water is indeed boiled, you will love this site.

Easy to get round by clicking Recipes you will go to the recipe index page which is alphabetical and includes recipes for all including meat eaters like me, vegetarians, world, heart healthy, vegan, sodium reduced and recipes for a family and or just one and so much more.

So thank you for signing up and taking a moment to follow along.  If you have a favorite simple easy meal recipe why not record a vid for it, upload to youtube including the site name and send it here to be added as well.  Teach the world to cook one person at a time.

Tune into our online radio as well to jam with the dj’s to some great tunes at  Where we play what you want to hear.

Check out our first simple easy meals Chili recipe by clicking this link!  Let us know what you think and thanks a ton. xxx