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So many people are eating fast food or processed foods which are very high to extreme in the sodium intake as well as high cholesterol.  Both things are bad for your heart and other organs including your kidneys.  Now they are advising that people should go back to basics and start cooking at home where they can control the amount of bad stuff that goes into their food.  The one problem is that many of us are on a fast track through life and barely have time to make a sandwich let alone actually cook a meal.  This is where we come in.

This site was created for every level of cooking out there.  No we are not certified chefs but people just like you who are looking for some cool new tasty yet easy recipes.  While Dman is a fantastic cook, I have had my ups and downs including a little problem when I was a teen and I made porcupine meatballs which really tasted like dried up porcupines when I put the wrong rice and didn’t watch the temperature.  I’ve learned a lot since then and so will you.

Whether you are a family or swing solo, there will be something here for you including helpful healthy eating tips and shopping for the best produce and items.  Not sure how to read the labels on the food you buy?  We’ll show you that here too.  For starters check the labels for your favorite foods and see what the Sodium content is.  If it’s over 15% per serving…its too much.  See?  You just learned something.

Thanks for checking us out and for joining us as we teach people to cook one recipe at a time.

If you have a favorite simple, easy meal recipe and you’d like to submit it to our site, please record and add to YouTube including the site name , then send us the link to be added to the rest of the great video’s that are here.  Have a great Day!


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