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postheadericon White Rock, British Columbia – Hooked Fish Bar

Hooked Fish Bar

12157 Beecher Street
Surrey, BC V4A3G2
Neighbourhood: Crescent Beach


Located at the corner of Beecher and the beach, this little taste of heaven is a place I would recommend with conditions.

Food Quality:

I ordered the Pulled Pork Poutine because I am not a big fish eater.  In fact I actually hate fish so this order was something I could live with.  My husband enjoyed the two piece fish and chips.  The Pulled Pork Poutine was something I have never heard of but I figured I like pulled pork and I like poutine so maybe it would work.

When the order came I was very surprised with the amount.  I had ordered a poutine at our local exhibition and paid three dollars more for it than I was for this one which also included pulled pork.  The pulled pork was atop a heaping mound of layered poutine with fries, cheese, gravy and pulled pork.  The bbq sause was amazing and although it was a messy meal, it melted in my mouth.

Food Service:

The service was very good and very fast.  The food handler did not keep asking us how things were while we had a mouthful of food so that was a huge plus.


From a standpoint of a person with mobility issues, I have to use a motorized vehicle to get around and although the door was accessible, once inside it was hard to get around due to tables and chairs being too close.  There was a ramp to the outside patio which was great and I enjoyed my lunch while watching the ocean.  As I didn’t drive to this location but parked and walked, I can’t comment on the handicap parking situation.

Thumbs Up or Down:

Two thumbs up for this restaurant.  I plan to visit again to enjoy the pulled pork poutine as I’m still having dreams about how good it was.   I would recommend this restaurant to anyone local or visitor.  The prices are affordable and the food is very good quality as is the service.

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