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postheadericon Egg in a Nest/Bird In a Hole


Sounds funny but that is the name of today’s simple, easy meal recipe.  This one is so easy you will be stunning your family and friends with this one!

This recipe feeds one!  Easy conversion is 1 egg to one toast!

What you need:


Slice of  bread

Egg (You know, the oval kind!)

Frying pan

Water glass or cup or even those fancy, shmancy cookie cutters



How to make it:

  • Butter bread on one side.  Don’t be cheap!  Take the 2 1/2 inch (6 cm) cookie cutter or an upside down glass/cup, and cut a hole in the middle of the bread slice.  Now pick up the middle and eat it quick!  Or maybe save it to make some small french toast later.  Whatever you want!
  • Now turn on the stove to a medium heat and allow the frying pan to warm up.  When it’s heated up, take your piece of bread and place it in the pan with buttered side down.  Fry until it is golden brown on the bottom.  Remove it from the pan and add some more yummy butter to the pan and then put the piece of bread back in, uncooked side down.  Quick break an egg and drop it in the center of the bread.  Try not to break the yolk but if you do, don’t worry about it!  All goes down the same!
  • Let the egg cook over lower heat until the white of  the egg  starts turning opaque or white – around 2 minutes.  Slide the spatula under the egg and bread gently and flip it.  Cook for another minute and just like that…it’s done!
  • Take a bow!  You did it!

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