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Cooking with Cannabis

This section will have Cannabis related recipes for those using medical marijuana or have it legally for personal purposes anywhere in the world.  To those who suffer from medical and mental health issues, Cannabis or Marijuana (alt Marihuana), is a life saver.  Cannabis is seen as a great pain relief option for those who are unable to take opiates or other forms of pain medication.  Cannabis is also a great vasodilator do it opens up airways in your lungs and helps with symptoms from Asthma for instance.  Cannabis is a natural drug but don’t be fooled by that.  Just as chemical drugs can cause you to become addicted, so can Cannabis.  It is important to make sure that Cannabis and it’s use are effective for your personal condition.

I have been given a prescription for medical Marijuana and as such I wanted to stretch it out as far as I could to get the best and most long lasting pain relief and anti-spasm as well as anti-nausea.  My doctor advised not to smoke marijuana as a joint but to use either a vaporizer or by having edibles made with Cannabis.  I’m sure there are many who use this medication and want to know what they can do with it instead of just inhale it.

Some recipes to get you started:

(Please note that working links are underlined and others are here as I get the pages done.  Links will be added as they are made.  Thanks for your patience.)


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