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postheadericon Chili Dog – Not that kind of dog!

Chili Dog

What supplies you need:

A pot big enough to fit in the desired amount of hot dogs

A can opener (Optional)

A pot big enough to warm up pre cooked chili (Try Dman’s chili recipe here)

A cutting board

A sharp knife

Cheese grater or knife to cut cheese into small pieces

What ingredients you need:

Package of hot dogs

Can of pre cooked chili or Dman’s chili found here

Onions (optional)


Hot dog buns

How to make it:

  • Cook the hot dogs in a pot of water on your stove until they are boiling.
  • Open the can of pre cooked chili or better yet add Dman’s chili and really get the credit you deserve.  Heat up on your stove until its hot.
  • Cut up onions (optional)
  • Grate cheese
  • Take one heated hot dog and place in hot dog bun.
  • Add cooked chili over the top of the hot dog.
  • Add cut up onion (optional) and cheese to the very top.
  • Heat up the hot dog in your microwave if you like or just enjoy it now.

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