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postheadericon Boiling Water 101

Boiling Water

For those who have never turned on that weird looking, electric contraption next to that big box looking thing hehehhe and or one of those zapping things called a MICRO WAVE

How to boil water 101

  • Step one:  Make sure you have both water and the big electric thing they call a stove first or this won’t work.  Sure you could use a microwave but that’s a whole new recipe for another day.
  • Step two:  Find your water in your house.  You may have to hunt for this as some have no clue where it’s located.  Try where all those dirty dishes are stacked next to.
  • Step three:  Using either your left or right hand, reach out and turn either the left or right thing that turns the water on.  Careful or it will come out too fast and your dirty dishes may actually be cleaned.
  • Step four:  Go back to Step two, skip over step three….go get a pot…you know…the thing that goes on the electric thing that heats up?  Okay now go back to step three.
  • Step five:  Insert the pot, no not that kind of pot the one in step four silly!  And you wonder why you don’t know how to boil water? hehehehhe  Okay let the water run from the tap into your pot but don’t fill it up to the top or there will be trouble later.
  • Step six:  Now carry your pot of water to the stove and gently put on the round thing called an element.  See those buttons or knobby things that say Hi Medium and Low or have numbers on it?  Turn one on using either your left  or right hand to a Hi setting.  Oh make sure it’s the same element as the one you have your pot of water on.
  • Step seven:  This is very important and must not be skipped.  Stand at the stove and wait for the water to boil, making sure it does not overflow.  This may take up to 15 minutes so you may want to find a chair.  When it’s bubbling go to next step.
  • Step eight:  Now ask yourself why you had to watch a pot boil on the stove and actually wasted 15 minutes doing it.  lol
  • Step nine:  Ta da!  You did it!  Now let’s move on to how to boil an egg. heheheh

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